A viral TikTok trend wants you to block celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kim K. Here’s why

A new viral trend is emerging on TikTok — and not only are celebrities uninvited, they’re blocked.

Recent videos uploaded to TikTok, some gathering millions of views apiece, are urging social media users to block celebrities including Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and others on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Spotify.

TikTok users are saying they feel disillusioned with famous pop figures over the Israel-Hamas war, in which they complain celebrities aren’t using their platforms to speak out against violence in the Middle East. A flashpoint in their anger also involves the recent Met Gala in New York City.

The calls to block influencers, users say, are meant to sting them where it hurts the most — their ad revenue.

On Wednesday, a TikToker with the name “blockout2024” posted a 15 second video beginning with footage from the Met Gala and news coverage of the war in Gaza. He urged viewers to stop following celebrities and start blocking them instead.

“When we hate on them, they make money. When we praise them, they make money. But when we block their social media accounts and completely forget their names, they lose it all,” he said in a later video.

TikTok personality at Met Gala to followers in video: ‘Let them eat cake’
One influencer in particular managed to draw out the crowd’s ire.

TikTok personality Haley Kalil, who goes by ‘HaleyyBaylee’, posted several videos of herself as she attended the Met Gala wearing an elaborate floral dress. In a video that has since been deleted from her account, Kalil used a sound clip from the 2006 film “Marie Antoinette” to lip-sync the phrase, “Let them eat cake.”

People incensed with Kalil’s comments seemed ready to break out the digital guillotines.

Viewers lambasted her online, saying Kalil’s choice of audio was “out of touch” and “insulting,” among cries to block her on social media. Days later, Kalil uploaded a nearly nine-minute-long video to TikTok apologizing profusely.

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