A$AP Rocky Shares His Parenting Tips: ‘Be Present’

ASAP Rocky is a father of two.
The last couple of years has been a crash course in parenting for the “Praise the Lord” rapper, following the birth of his and Rihanna’s first son, RZA in 2022 and their second son, Riot Rose in 2023.

Rocky sat down with Complex ahead of the arrival of his impending fourth album, Don’t Be Dumb to share some parenting wisdom.

“I feel like if you’re not a parent now, just get a pet, and just see how responsible you gotta be,” he said, adding,” Love your fucking children, man. Be present.”

He also stressed how important it is to have your finances together when you welcome a child into the world.

“I hope people don’t take this the wrong but if you not financially stable, you should definitely take your time, and be present,” he explained. “And if you a parent out there, you can relate.”

In 2022, Rocky announced that his next studio album would be titled Don’t Be Dumb. The offering will reportedly include a few of his previously released tracks, including his RiRi-featuring song, “D.M.B.”

“I’m always down to collab with my partner,” he told Complex last year, of Rihanna. “She’s a phenomenal creative.”

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